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Holdin' It Down

Family has always been the foundation of our lives, bringing us love, support, and that feelin' of belonging. But life sometimes throws curveballs, and we find ourselves takin' on roles we never thought we'd have. Today, I wanna share my personal journey as an auntie holdin' it down for my nieces while their mama is locked up. It hasn’t been easy, being single, workin' full time, and livin' in a small apartment, but the joy and love them girls bring to my life make it all worth it.
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Children are not born resilient

I am terrified to post this, but I know that I can’t pretend that all is perfect and well. I also know that there are lots of families who are in the exact same place that we are. You are not alone, I see you. 

I’ve been with him here before; sitting on a hard bench with a judge staring down. 

Last time, he sat beside me holding a toy truck while his sturdy legs swung back and forth, and back and forth in the adult chair. I remember that he kept tipping his head toward mine and would reach and pat my cheek with his chubby, toddler fingers.
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Blocked Trust

Today, I want to pour my heart out about the extraordinary journey my family and I have embarked on – parenting an adopted child who has experienced foster care. It's been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, challenges, and heartwarming moments that have reshaped our lives in ways we never could have imagined.

When we made the decision to adopt, we were aware that our path might not be as straightforward as traditional parenting. We understood that our child's past experiences might shape their behaviors and emotions in unexpected ways. Yet, we couldn't have anticipated just how deeply foster care would leave its mark on our little one's heart.
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Grateful for the Challenge

I have been raising my nieces for 15 years now. I can say that this has been the most challenging thing I have ever done but I’m so grateful to be doing it. It has given me so much experience in raising children who are now teenagers. I couldn’t be more proud of my girls. 
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