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Our first goal is to build a foundation of safety for children by meeting immediate needs of the kinship family.

Our second goal is to provide the most permanent home for children by stabilizing the kinship family.

Our final goal is to meet the well-being needs of children by increasing caregivers’ capacity to provide nurturing care. 


Foster Kinship’s programs are designed to meet goals through the following objectives:

Legal Capacity: Families are given the tools to establish appropriate legal relationships with the children in their homes to increase family stability and autonomy.

Financial Stability: Families are assisted with applications for financial support and may be eligible for emergency resources from Foster Kinship. Kinship families will access available financial resources to help meet their family's needs.

Parenting and Child Needs Community Connection: Families are provided with basic need resources, parenting information, and internal and external referrals to increase knowledge of and access to resources in their areas of identified need. Families are also connected with resources, including transportation, to increase knowledge of and access to supportive programs.

Caregiver Emotional Support: Families have access to free support groups, respite care, caregiver education classes, and family events with other kinship families. Kinship families will experience more formal and informal support to increase the caregivers' capacity to meet the well-being needs of the children.


Kinship Program
Safe Homes
Meet the Immediate Needs
Community Connection
Navigator Program: Kinship Resource Center

Child Welfare Training Program: Kinship Information Sessions

Marcie's Heart Kinship Resource Center
Permanent Homes
Stabilize the Family
Legal Capacity and Financial Resources
Navigator Program: Family Advocacy/Case Management

Child Welfare Training Program: Kinship Information Sessions & Kinship Licensing

Kinship Training Institute: Legal and Financial Options
Nurturing Homes
Increase caregivers’ capacity to meet well-being needs of children
Emotional Support
Navigator Program: Support Group & Family Events

Child Welfare Training Program: Kinship Licensing

Kinship Training Institute: Parenting Classes

Childcare Programming: Respite Care, TBRI consultations
Foster Kinship Logo
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