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Kinship Training Institute

The Kinship Training Institute provides specialized training free of cost to all kinship caregivers and professionals. Kinship care is unique and complex. Frequently, both families and professionals are unaware of the legal, financial, and community resources available, as well as the behavioral management skills needed for children who have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect. 

Our Training Institute disseminates over 50 years of professional expertise, best practices, and evidence-based interventions to empower kinship families. Services include a library of training videos, monthly podcasts, and a blog, all accessible 24/7, bi-monthly workshops, live in-person and online training series, conferences, and resource fairs.

Child Welfare Training Services

Our Training Institute is also home to our Child Welfare Training services, which provides specialized education and training to kinship caregivers statewide who are pursuing licensure as kinship foster parents. Services include new caregiver information sessions, Kinship Licensing Classes, Car Seat Safety Classes, CPR/AED/First Aid Training, and Just In Time (JIT) training for kinship families involved with Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS), the Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS), and the Washoe County Human Services Agency (WHSA)

Training Library

The Kinship Training Institute Video Library has hours and hours of training available for caregivers and professionals alike! The available trainings span a wide range of topics from the basics of Kinship Care, to the specifics of Guardianships in Nevada, and are presented by individuals by with unique experiences with Kinship Care and the Child Welfare field. You can also find testimonials from Kinship Caregivers who share their stories in hopes of inspiring others on their own journey, and a craft section with activities for children!

Trust-Based Relational Intervention®

TBRI®, short for Trust-Based Relational Intervention, is a well-founded approach that focuses on attachment, evidence-based techniques, and trauma-informed methods, specially designed to support vulnerable children with complex needs. The intervention incorporates Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles to foster attachment, and Correcting Principles to alleviate fear-based behaviors.

Blog & Podcast

The Kinship Training Institute Blog and T.I.P.S. (Trauma Informed Parenting Strategies) Podcast are great ways to get bite-sized pieces of information about childhood trauma, managing challenging behaviors, helpful tips and tricks to parenting children from hard places, AND MORE! Hosted and written by TBRI® Michelle Rupe, new content is uploaded three times a month.


Our Kinship Training Institute team hosts two "Workshops" every month that are designed to help navigators navigate challenging or difficult behaviors with the support of peers and professionals. Our "T.I.P.S." (Trauma-Informed Parenting Strategies) workshop meets both In-Person and Online on the Third Thursday of each month. Our "Managing Difficult Behaviors" workshop meets Online on the Fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Lending Library

The Kinship Training Institute has a library of books for all ages! You will find books for children and teens that have experienced the foster care system, foster parents struggling with some baffling behaviors, anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and more. The lending library is located in our office at 8691 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117, and can be accessed at any time during our business hours!

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