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"Help Keep Home in the Family"

We believe when children can’t be with their parents, they should be with their family.


A vibrant future for all children in kinship care.


Foster Kinship strengthens kinship caregivers’ capacity to provide safe, stable, and nurturing homes for children.


Self-Sufficiency: Foster Kinship aims to provide caregivers with options, knowledge, and tools to advocate for their children so they can make the best decision for their families.

Openness: Foster Kinship provides services to individuals who identify as kinship caregivers regardless of the child’s foster care status or custody status, or the caregiver’s age or formal relationship to the child.

Synergy: Foster Kinship will honor and acknowledge the remarkable efforts of existing organizations by first acting as an umbrella over all resources locally and nationally available to kinship caregivers.

Standing in the Gap: As a private nonprofit, Foster Kinship seeks to partner with existing programs. If necessary and when possible, we close the gap between available government and private sector services and the individual needs of caregivers.

Foster Kinship Mission, Vision, Values


We believe that the diversity of families in our community is our strength. Foster Kinship demonstrates the commitment, knowledge, and ability to work effectively with and advocate for individuals and families with a variety of identities, cultures, backgrounds and ideologies. We serve kinship caregivers without regard to caregiver age, disability status, immigration status, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age of the child, relation to the child, or custody status of the child.


Foster Kinship values the privacy of our clients. It is our policy to collect and store only personal information that is knowingly provided to us. We do not share personal information. Through our client database, Foster Kinship collects and stores contact information from individuals as it is knowingly provided to us, including email addresses. Foster Kinship does not distribute personal information or email addresses to third parties. We use this information to contact individuals via email and mail with additional resources that might be of interest, including upcoming events and training, new publications, or other resources. Our families may choose at any time not to provide personally identifiable information, although this may restrict our ability to provide requested services or information.

Foster Kinship Logo
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