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Thriving After Post Permanency Program

Foster Kinship’s Thriving After Program is here to support families who have achieved permanency through a guardianship or an adoption. We know that these steps are just the beginning of your journey, and our services are available to help you Thrive After permanency. We support kinship families who have secured guardianship or adoption, as well as traditional foster care adoptive families.
Attend an Info-Session! 
This is a meeting, during which you will receive information on the services that Thriving After provides to families. You can either attend a 
live info-session or watch a pre-recorded 
Schedule a live information session HERE
Complete an Intake! 
An intake must be completed in order to be eligible for Thriving After services. Scheduling an intake can be done by calling our office at
(702) 546-9988.
Thriving After Information Session
What's Covered in an Intake?

Thriving After Services


Our Family Journey

"Our Family Journey" - The Highs and Lows of Everyday Life as a Kinship Caregiver, Guardian or Adoptive Parent
We Want to Hear Your Story!
Submit your own mini-blog post about the highs and lows of everyday life as a caregiver! This means YOU. Whether you are a kinship foster caregiver, a legal guardian or have adopted out of foster care, this space is for you to share with us all. Your voice and your experiences are invaluable and we want to hear from each other. 
Share your journey with us here.
February 2024: Unbreakable Bonds
Life as I knew it took a sudden turn when my sister passed away, leaving behind three beautiful kids. Faced with the choice of letting them enter the foster care system or taking on the responsibility myself, I chose the latter, setting the stage for a journey I never anticipated.

Overnight, I transitioned from a carefree bachelor to a single parent, balancing the demands of work with the newfound responsibilities of parenthood. It wasn't easy, but my community played a pivotal role, providing the support needed for the kids to find stability and love in their new home.

Understanding the profound grief my nieces and nephew were experiencing, I made it a priority to foster open communication and create new, positive memories. Celebrating their small victories - be it a good grade or a little triumph in their daily lives - became integral to our collective healing process.

As time unfolded, an unbreakable bond formed between us. Beyond the role of a guardian, I became a constant in their lives - a source of love, support, and stability. Our journey is a testament to the power of love in overcoming life's unexpected challenges.

In sharing my story, I hope to shed light on the strength that emerges when love becomes the driving force in the face of adversity. Life may throw unexpected challenges our way, but it's the choices we make in those moments that define our journey. Here's to embracing love, navigating grief, and building unbreakable bonds.
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