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The trainings listed below are a required part of both your initial licensing process and the yearly re-licensing process. Please read all available information as it relates to your case BEFORE taking the steps to create an account with Just In Time, or taking additional trainings. 


You are required to take the following online trainings as a part of the licensing process: 

  1. Emergency Preparedness: CLASS LINK    STUDY GUIDE 
  2. Water Safety: CLASS LINK  STUDY GUIDE
  3. Normalcy- Let Kids Be Kids: CLASS LINK    STUDY GUIDE  

For caregivers that are completing the licensing process with Foster Kinship, the 4 required trainings listed above are integrated into the Kinship Licensing Classes, and our CPR/AED/First Aid class. However, if you chose to complete your CPR training with a different organization, the required Emergency Preparedness and Water Safety trainings are linked for you convenience. 

Foster Kinship has a computer lab and can provide one on one assistance to caregivers who would like to complete the classes at our office. Childcare may be available. Please call 702-546-9988 to make an appointment.


The following three trainings are required for the first year of relicensing:

  1. Effective Discipline: CLASS LINK   STUDY GUIDE
  2. Developmental Web: CLASS LINK   STUDY GUIDE
  3. Trauma and the Impacts on Children in Foster Care: CLASS LINK   STUDY GUIDE

You need a TOTAL of 12 hours a year to maintain your license after the first year, so these required classes are not enough. Other ways to get relicensing hours include attending a Foster Kinship support group or parenting class. 

Relicensing Study Guide Packet

*These study guides are provided by Foster Kinship as a support for kinship families, and are not a product of the Just In Time Training Network.


The Just In Time program requires that all users create an account in order to complete their online trainings. Follow the steps below to create you account and get started! 

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Create Account or Sign In"
  3. Fill in your Name, Email, and chosen Password
  4. Click "Start your learning journey"

There is a 24-48 hour waiting period, during which the administrators of Just In Time will verify your account, and grant you access to the library of trainings. PLEASE TAKE THIS WAIT TIME INTO ACCOUNT WHEN PLANNING TO COMPLETE TRAININGS. 

*Foster Kinship does not administer the Just In Time Training network and is not responsible for the content or functionality. 

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