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Foster Kinship provides free support and information to anyone parenting a relative’s child in Clark County, NV. Our support program includes a telephone helpline, support groups, educational groups, kinship family events, access to our kinship center and emergency resources. Kinship Telephone Help Line (702) KIN-9988 During our help line hours, our…

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Foster Kinship advocates for all kinship families to receive access to services and improved caregiving options through training, partnerships and thought leadership. Training: Foster Kinship provides free trainings to any organization who would like to learn more about the specific needs of kinship families. Partnership: Partnerships with the Department of Family…

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Case Management

Foster Kinship’s Case Management Program is a comprehensive support program for informal kinship caregivers in Clark County, NV designed to increase the stability and well-being of the kinship family. Program Summary Foster Kinship partners with kinship caregivers and community organizations to increase placement stability and kinship family well-being in three…

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Kinship Resource Locator Tool

Resources at your fingertips! The interactive online Kinship Resource Locator Tool, provided free of charge, will help you identify targeted resources for kinship caregivers in Clark County, NV based on age, caregiving status, the age and needs of the children, and location. Available in English and Spanish.  Start today by clicking “Begin”.

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DFS Kinship Information Sessions

DFS Kinship Information Sessions The right information early on will allow kinship caregivers to make the best decisions for their family at the right time! Kinship Information Sessions for those who have recently received a relative placement through the Department of Family Services. The 90 minute sessions are held twice a month and include…

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Child-Only/Non-Needy Relative Caretaker (NNRC) TANF in Nevada Provided by Foster Kinship. Updated 10/12/15. PLEASE NOTE: Most of this information is taken from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Welfare and Supportive Services websites (links provided). Foster Kinship is not a representative of DWSS and encourages all…

If you are caring for your relative and foresee it will be longer than a few weeks, you may want to establish legal standing so that you are able to protect the child, provide some stability and be able to make medical and educational decisions for the child. One way…

The following are a collection of national kinship caregiver resources. Have another one? Let us know! Online Resources The GrandKin Guide: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Relative’s Raising Children. Published by the National Kinship Alliance for Children. Kinship Caregivers and the Child Welfare System published by the Child Welfare Information…


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