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Foster Kinship is a newer non-profit in Nevada – but there is simply no other organization in the state that does the work we do. After nine years we can demonstrate a proven track record of client success. We are increasing our sustainability through cultivating individual donors and on-line social media fundraising, and we post our 990s online. We are accountable. Even though at this time we operate on a smaller financial scale than many of our cohorts, we work well within our own budgets and are growing sustainably. While have won several small grants in the past years, like most non-profits we do not rely solely on grants for the work we do.

We extend needed services and help to our clients, and are endorsed by the fact of our partnership with Clark County Department of Family Services and our consistent presence in the city as direct help givers and as partners with many other non-profits. We are an advocate for our kinship families in several radio and media appearances, and we helped administer a “State of the State Survey” in collaboration with UNLV in order to understand the kinship population in Nevada. We are here to stay, and we welcome feedback regarding ways we can demonstrate to you our successful start.

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