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A New Year with New Parenting Strategies

Starting the new year with new parenting strategies and resources can contribute to a positive and enriching family environment. Here are some uplifting parenting strategies and resources you might consider:
Positive Reinforcement:
Focus on positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior in your children. Praise and reward their efforts and achievements.
Positive Reinforcement for Kids:
11+ Examples for Parents
Effective Communication:
Improve communication with your children. Actively listen to them, express your thoughts clearly, and encourage open dialogue.
Communicating with Children
Quality Time:
Commit to spending quality time with your children. Engage in activities that promote bonding and create lasting memories.
9 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids
Incorporate mindfulness into your parenting routine. Being present and mindful can help reduce stress and improve the overall well-being of both you and your children.
How to Make Mindfulness Part of Your Family Routine
Educational Resources:
Explore new educational resources for both you and your children. Many online platforms are offering interactive and engaging content for various age groups. One of my favorites for families is
Family Goals:
Set achievable family goals for the year. This could include learning a new skill together, taking family trips, or working on a project as a team.
How to Set Family Goals:
5 Best Tips and Tricks
Technology Guidelines:
Establish clear guidelines for screen time and technology use within the family. Encourage a healthy balance between technology and other activities.
Social Media, Tech + Boundaries
Terri Cole
Self-Care for Parents:
Don't forget about your well-being. Ensure that you take time for self-care, whether it's through hobbies, exercise, or moments of relaxation.
How Can Parents Engage in Self-Care
to Avoid Burnout?
Parenting Workshops:
Attend parenting workshops or seminars to gain insights into effective parenting strategies. Many communities and online platforms offer such resources. If you haven't already taken the TBRI® Caregiver Series it is happening every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Saturday afternoon of the month.
Email or call 702-546-9988 to register
Remember that parenting is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. Embrace the new year as an opportunity to enhance the positive aspects of your parenting approach.
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