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Clark County Kinship Licensing Meeting #5

This meeting will provide an overview of the home study and licensure process. Caregivers will also learn the importance of support systems. This meeting provides the participants with an overview of reunification, guardianship, KinGAP, and adoption and identifies ways kinship caregivers can support permanency planning.

Meeting #5 is also a time to check in on your progress toward your licensing checklist! 

Meeting 5 Permanency

Meeting Videos

Kids Corner- Meeting # 5 

Focusing on the Future: In today's class we watched Lilo & Stitch to describe Lilo's family dynamics, her strengths, and how she balanced her social life, family, and hobbies. Then, in our resilience handbooks answered, "What makes me great?"  Children will learn to recognize their strengths and superpowers, the importance of balancing all aspects of their life, and maintaining a healthy support system.

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