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Clark County Kinship Licensing Meeting #3 

This meeting expounds on the concepts of earlier meetings related to children's needs and feelings and the impact on behavior. It will help kinship caregivers understand trauma more profoundly and see its impact on behavior. Furthermore, it will provide caregivers identify various methods of managing those behaviors through the introduction of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). 

Meeting THree

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Kids Corner- Meeting # 3 

Week three is about managing emotions and behaviors. Children will be given “Big Play”, and “Sensory Play” times to understand how their gross motor movements can influence their emotions. They will also learn how their senses can help them calm down. A “Big Play” game is when children engage in activities that move their entire body and speed up their heart rate. During “Sensory Play,” children’s heart rates will usually decrease while their curiosity and feelings of calmness will increase. The movie of the week will be “Turning Red.” We watched Turning Red to describe Mei's emotions and how she manages her bigger emotions, and her different coping skills. Then, in our resilience handbooks described the differences in the zones of regulation. Afterward, the children will be able to create their own“emotion wheels” to label their own emotions.

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