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Kinship Licensing Meeting
# 2

This meeting introduces concepts of grief and loss and examines the impact of loss on children placed in the home, birth parents, and their role as kinship caregivers. The meeting continues to explore the basic needs of children living in their home and introduces how through meeting children’s needs attachments are formed.

Kinship Meeting Two

Meeting Videos

Kids Corner- Meeting # 2 

The focus of meeting two is building & maintaining attachments. Activities include reading “The Invisible String” and crafting important connections by cutting out a heart and drawing important people whom each child connects their invisible string to. We do an Invisible Art watercolor project, using white paper and white crayons to draw important images that then become painted over by watercolors where the white crayon can show through. We also read “The Memory Box” and work on creating take-home memory boxes decorated by each child with a variety of materials, including stickers, paint, glitter, etc., picked by the child. Action Art- decorate a word collage using one empowering word chosen by the children. Watching Home.

Invisible string Activity
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