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Kinship Licensing Meeting
# 1

This meeting serves as a welcome and introduction to the concepts found in kinship care. It also provides an overview of the home study and licensure process and helps increase caregiver understanding of the child welfare system.  The meeting introduces the reason children come into care.

In section one, we provide an introduction to Foster Kinship, get to know the class members and facilitators, connect families to community resources, and explain how to use the Resource Locator Tool.

Section two describes the overview of all five meetings, the role of the child welfare agency and workers, and common themes among caregivers, learn about the goals of the child welfare system, discuss how to respectfully advocate for children in their care, and explore the confidentiality policy.

In section three, we use family systems theory to gain understanding of how household systems are affected by change, learn more about the six characteristics of a family, and have a class discussion about how caregivers have adapted to the change of becoming kinship caregivers.

Meeting One

Meeting Videos

Kids Corner: Meeting # 1

Meeting one focuses on self-concept and self-image. The activities include reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” paired with a felt storyboard which encourages each child to participate by including them in retelling the story as they are given felt pieces from the story that can be put onto the felt board. The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft is made from egg cartons, paint, glitter, google eyes and pom-poms. We begin the All About Me Lifebooks. We play “Getting To Know You Jenga” and watch Lilo & Stitch.   

Reading Very Hungry Catapillar
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