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Client Testimonial- Support Groups

Located at 4344 W Cheyenne, North Las Vegas 89032, the Kinship Resource Center is a starting point for anyone who has questions about parenting a relative’s child in Clark County. Kinship families are free to walk-in or call during our open office hours to consult on questions relating to kinship care, kinship foster care, guardianship, TANF, the Department of Family Services, resources in Clark County, and more. Professional family advocates staff the offices and phones. A free notary service and copy service are available to clients.

Kinship Center Hours:

Monday-Friday 10 AM-4 PM

Appointments are strongly recommended. Please call (702) 546-9988. 

Kinship Center Services:

  • Family Intake
  • Application assistance
  • Printer, and copier
  • Foster Kinship conference room can be reserved for family meetings. A facilitator will be provided free of charge. Please provide 48-hour notice.
  • Notary services- free for kinship caregivers.
  • Free print or CD copy of “Raising Your Relative’s Kids: How to Find Help” manual.
  • Emergency resources like food and clothing- as available.
  • Guardianship packets and temporary guardianship forms.
  • TANF application forms


Kinship Telephone Helpline

(702) KIN-9988

Our client specialist will be available by phone to answer your basic kinship questions, refer you to resources, and set up an appointment with a family advocate for a family evaluation and additional services.

Foster Kinship helpline is not a crisis or emergency line. If you are facing an urgent situation due to lack of resources, call 2-1-1 in Nevada for community referrals.

Kinship Resource Locator Tool

Resources at your fingerprints- enter your basic information and receive a list of resources targeted for your situation. Start here:

Child-only TANF Application Sessions

Many relative caregivers are eligible for a cash benefit called child-only TANF through the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Foster kinship offers free applications and application assistance.

Each Wednesday at noon or by appointment with a family advocate.

4344 W Cheyenne, North Las Vegas 89032

Emergency Resources

We partner with corporate and nonprofit organizations to provide emergency food and clothing assistance, back-to-school support and assistance during the holidays.

Family Advocacy and Case ManagementClient Testimonial- Invaluable Support

Foster Kinship’s Case Management Program is a comprehensive support program for informal kinship caregivers in Clark County, NV designed to increase the stability and well-being of the kinship family.

Program Summary

Our Family Advocacy/Case Management program accepts clients on an ongoing basis. Each qualified family receives a customized case plan with community referrals, assistance with TANF and guardianship applications, transportation, some financial assistance,  and access to the kinship resource center.

Eligibility for Case Management:

In order to be eligible caregivers must:

1. Be caring for a relative’s child full time, with no parents in the home 
2. Be residents of Clark County, NV,
3. Complete a family evaluation with a Family Advocate,
4. Demonstrate a specific short-term need,
5. Demonstrate and the capability to provide a long-term, stable home for the child(ren),
6. Be willing to actively participate in Foster Kinship’s family advocacy case plan.

Program Requirements

Kinship caregivers who qualify for Family Advocacy will be asked to participate for up to 90 days to ensure they receive the emotional support, legal information and community connections so vital to long-term family stability. After the family evaluation, each caregiver will receive an individualized family case plan with recommendations, referrals and required participation activities. Not participating in the care plan and case management services may be grounds to discontinue services and/or financial support.

Each family is different and determination of financial support received will be made individually to meet the needs of particular families based on funds and resources available to Foster Kinship.  Foster Kinship retains the right to make the final decision on program acceptance and financial assistance.

Support Groups

Regular support groups include dinner and childcare and are guided by a professional facilitator.

Come and meet with other individuals who are parenting their relative’s children in the Las Vegas area. We will discuss the joys and challenges of raising your grandchild, niece or nephew, or other relatives.

We will also share best practices and resources for kinship caregivers. Our groups are confidential and non-judgmental. You can laugh, cry, and lean on and learn from others who are walking in your shoes.

Please sign up and RSVP here  or call (702) 546-9988 for information. The groups meet the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM at 4344 W Cheyenne, N Las Vegas, 89032. 

Request to join the Closed Facebook Group for Nevada Kinship Caregivers.

Educational Classes

Free- Prevent Child Sex Abuse 

Free- Parenting Classes

Reduced cost for Kinship Caregivers- CPR/First Aid- coming April 2017

Kinship Family Events

Foster Kinship sponsors regular family events. Bring  the whole family and interact with other kinship families over food, fun, and games! These are designed to bring kinship families together, provide fun and educational activities for the children, food and games for all, and bring in other local nonprofits and community organizations so that you have face-to-face contact with all the resources available to you in your area. Our main events include a Spring Celebration, Back to School Event, Fall Family Festival, and Holiday Support.

Please sign up and RSVP here  or call (702) 546-9988 for information.

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