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Client Testimonial- Invaluable SupportFoster Kinship’s Case Management Program is a comprehensive support program for informal kinship caregivers in Clark County, NV designed to increase the stability and well-being of the kinship family.

Program Summary

Foster Kinship partners with kinship caregivers and community organizations to increase placement stability and kinship family well-being in three major areas:

Legal Status: Informal caregivers will be given the tools to increase the stability of the placement through legal means.

Community Connection: Caregiver will be connected with resources, including transportation, to increase knowledge of and access to supportive programs.

Emotional Support: Caregivers will have access to free support groups, caregiver education classes and family events with other kinship families.

Eligibility for Case Management:

In order to be eligible caregivers must

1. Be informally caring for a relative’s child full time (Formal kinship caregivers are referred to our advocacy/support programs).
2. Be residents of Clark County, NV.
3. Complete a family evaluation.
4. Demonstrate a specific short-term need and the capability to provide a long term, stable home for the child(ren).
5. Be willing to actively participate in Foster Kinship’s case management program (support group, ongoing assessments, resource referrals, caregiver education and family days) for six months.

Program Requirements

Kinship caregivers who qualify for the Case Management program will be asked to participate for six months to ensure they receive the emotional support, legal information and community connections so vital to long term family stability. After the family evaluation, each caregiver will receive an individualized family case plan with recommendations, referrals and required participation activities. Not participating in the care plan and case management services may be grounds to discontinue services.

Each family is different and determination of financial support received will be made individually to meet the needs of particular families based on funds and resources available to Foster Kinship.  Foster Kinship retains the right to make the final decision on program acceptance and financial assistance.

We serve kinship families without regard to caregiver age, disability status, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation, relation to the child or custody status of the child.

Contact us to make an appointment by calling (702) 546-9988 and leaving a detailed message including your name, phone number, email address and relationship to the children in your care, and appointment availability.

Foster Kinship’s Case Management Program is funded in part by generous grants from:

Foundationlogo.jpeg              UnionPacific

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Bonnie Soucoup Community Fund

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Bonnie Soucoup Community Fund


The Frank & Victoria Fertitta Foundation


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