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Case management is available to kinship caregivers in Clark County, NV who request personalized resource guidance or any financial or direct resources assistance (vouchers, food, clothing).

A comprehensive review of the family situation and an application is required prior to acceptance into the case management program. Foster Kinship caseworkers will conduct the family evaluation in the kinship caregiver’s home.

Family evaluation applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and accepted based on family eligibility, program funding and caseworker availability.

Kinship caregivers who are accepted into in Foster Kinship’s case management program receive a complete needs assessment, comprehensive community resource referrals, guardianship and TANF application support, six months of support groups, home safety items, resource assistance, the opportunity to attend family events, ongoing advocacy and one-on-one support. One caseworker will be assigned to each family for the 6-month period.


Eligibility for Case Management:

  1. Individuals who are caring for a relative’s child full time, with no support from the biological parents;
  2. Reside in Clark County, NV;
  3. Complete a family evaluation and home visit;
  4. Demonstrate short-term need and potential for long-term stability;
  5. Willingness to participate in Foster Kinship’s case management program (support group, ongoing assessments, resource referrals, caregiver education and family days) for six months.

We serve kinship families without regard to caregiver age, disability status, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation, relation to the child or custody status of the child.

Agency Referrals

Organizations that would like to refer an individual to Foster Kinship’s case management program can complete the referral online.

Kinship Caregivers

Contact us to make an appointment by completing the online form here or by calling (702) 546-9988 and leaving a detailed message including your name, phone number, email address and relationship to the children in your care, and appointment availability.


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