Foster Kinship.

In the News

April 7, 2018: Foster Kinship gives underprivileged students makeovers for prom

March 30, 2018: Ali Caliendo interviewed on The Shameless Mom Academy podcast.

November 2017: Caring for the Caregivers: Foster Kinship on Vegas PBS Inside Education.

May 2017: “Building a Network of Resources for Kinship Caregivers” by Alison Caliendo in KinCare Magazine

December 16, 2016: Fox 5 Vegas “Foster Kinship Provides Christmas Gifts to 300 Children” 

September/October 2016: “Advocating for Children in Kinship Care” by Alison Caliendo in Fostering Families Today

May 11, 2016: City of Las Vegas “Daily Dose” 

May 10, 2016: WBKE Radio “Making a New Path”

May 5, 2016: Featured in the Clark County “Caregiver Courier” 

November 14, 2015: Fox 5 Coverage of 4th Annual Fall Festival

June 15, 2015: Foster Talk with Dr. John- Kinship Caregivers Toolbox

April 23, 2015: Civil Engagement Interview

June 1, 2014: Dadsaster Podcast “Foster Heroes” 

February 6, 2014: Channel 8 Open Your Heart Gala News Coverage

January/February 2014: “Formal Kinship Caregivers and the Challenge of Licensing” by Alison Caliendo in Fostering Families TodayKinship & Licensing Article

November 24, 2013: Neon Roundtable

September 9, 2013: KNPR State of Nevada “Grandparents Raising Kids: Kinship Care in Nevada”

August 22, 2013: Las Vegas Review Journal “Backpacks Boost Foster Children as School Nears”

August 21, 2013: Channel 8 News Coverage of the Back to School, Back to Basics Event.

August 10, 2013: Las Vegas Review Journal View “Temple members help organize donations for kids at Child Haven”

August 7, 2013: Channel 5 News “Backpacks, school supplies needed for foster students”

November 26, 2012: Las Vegas Review Journal “Grandparents open homes, hearts to children

November 26, 2012: Las Vegas Review Journal Slideshow “Non-profit helps grandparents raising more kids”

November 24, 2012: Channel 8 News Story “Non-profit connects kids in need with family”

November 17, 2012: El Mundo “Celebraron a los abuelitos Estamos para ayudar y alentar: Ali O’Donnell”

November 9, 2012: Channel  8 News Coverage of Kinship Family Night

October 16, 2012: Las Vegas Review Journal View  “Woman uses inheritance to help relative caregivers”

March 23, 2012: Good Maker Winner: Foster Kinship brings hope to Las Vegas families