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Kinship News: Kinship Care Program in KY Cut

Kinship News: Kinship Care Program in KY Cut

Child care assistance programs to be dramatically cut in Kentucky

“The state will be forced to limit money going into a program that provides money for kinship care. In that program, relatives other than parents get a $300 monthly stipend to help raise a child who has been removed from home because of abuse or neglect.Beginning in April, there will be a moratorium on any new kinship care money. But James said that many of those children will be eligible for other government programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or food stamps. Children in kinship care will also still be eligible for Medicaid.The moratorium on kinship care benefits is projected to save $8.3 million. Those who currently receive a stipend will continue to do so until the child turns 18 or leaves the kinship care program for other reasons.

The moratorium on kinship care supplements after April 1 could result in fewer families caring for relatives and more children being placed in state-run foster care, which is more expensive than kinship care, advocates say.

“It is something that we will be monitoring closely,” James said. “Families, more times than not, will rise to the occasion and will help take care of these kids.”

While federal and state money has been cut over the past four years, the need — particularly for foster care and kinship care — has grown, Haynes said.

“With programs like these, you have very little control over the growth of the program,” Haynes said.

Kinship care, for example, has increased by 38 percent since 2007, cabinet statistics show. More than 11,000 children were in the kinship care program in 2012, up from 8,685 in 2007…”

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  • Decieved

    I was told that they had completely cut KInship Care out of Kentucky and here it states that there was just a cut back on the budget.

    • Ali

      I am not positive but from this article it seems they have cut the program for any new applicants. If you live in KY please confirm with your govt agency and let us know!

  • Moomoo

    If you already have it you can keep it but they are not taking any new people. What concerns me is foster kids get a free college education and my grandkids will not be getting that. Makes a granny wonder if I did the right thing when I took custody.