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Kinship in the News: Kinship Caregivers helps families faced with parenting again

Kinship in the News: Kinship Caregivers helps families faced with parenting again

Feb 5, 2013: WORTHINGTON — Kinship or relative caregiving is not a new story. From the Bible’s Esther, who was raised by her cousin Mordecai, to Harry Potter, who was raised by his aunt and uncle Vernon and Petunia Dursl, relatives have often stepped in to raise children not their own.

There have always been countless reasons people other than parents care for children. While the reasons for kinship caregivers remain varied, there are overarching issues that tend to be similar — legal, financial and emotional complications.

“All the children in relative care share common denominators —substance abuse and mental illness are usually the reasons why children end up living with caregivers,” said Kris LaFleur, Family Support Specialist at Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association. “Of course there are lots of other factors too, including incarceration, treatment and abandonment.”

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