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Innovative Health Insurance Option for Children Only

Innovative Health Insurance Option for Children Only

One of the issues some grandparents and other relatives have in Nevada is the difficulty or impossibility in obtaining child-only health insurance policies. For individuals who are on medicare, adding dependents is impossible. And some children do not qualify for Medicaid or NV Check Up because their income (Medicaid) or family income (NV Check Up) is too high. With Nevada no longer offering child-only policies, this has left some children being cared for by relatives dangerously uninsured leaving families vulnerable to a medical issue that could lead to financial disaster.

Thankfully, one particularly resourceful family I know has found a solution to this problem.There is a company based out of Texas called Health Insurance Innovations ( that has developed unique solutions for complex health insurance needs. One of those solutions is temporary insurance that can be renewable. It is available in Nevada for 6 months periods and in child-only policies,  as long as the child does not have pre-existing conditions.

For more information contact Health Insurance Innovations at (877) 376-5831.

Please note, most children in Nevada will qualify for medicaid or NV Check Up. But in those cases where they do not, it is good to know that creative solutions exist!

If you are caring for an uninsured relative’s child in Clark County, NV please contact Foster Kinship today at (702) 546-9988 to discuss your options. If you are in another state please visit this site to review options:

In the meantime, these two resources that may provide free health care for children in Clark County without insurance:

Please let us know in the comments what other solutions health insurance solutions you have found!