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Big Give Giveaway Winners!

May 10, 2013 Posted by Ali

Just a handful of our amazing donors! Thank you to everyone.

Just a handful of our amazing donors! Thank you to everyone.

Thanks again to all 205 people who have donated online to Foster Kinship using the Big Give portal! We were overwhelmed with the generosity of all of you and so incredibly thankful for your support.

The following individuals were randomly selected for our prizes:

Mariya G.: $25 Build a Bear Gift Card

Adam R: $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Gerry C.: $50 Zappos Gift Card

Leslie S: $50 Toys R Us Gift Card

Alissa B.: Autographed Frank Caliendo DVDs

James P.: Reach Soundtrack autographed by Martin O’Donnell

Tyler J: Any Martin O’Donnell Soundtrack of choice autographed by Martin O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori

Thank you to Eli W. for being our last donor of the 24 hour giving drive! She won a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

Thank you also to the individuals who gave via the Frank Caliendo Giveaway. They all received an autographed Frank Caliendo picture donated from Dedicated Managers, Inc.

Dan A.

Jay M.

Chris B.

Philip G.

Nathan P.

Jamie W.

Michael M.

Daryl G.

Shane W.

A Big Thank You for Giving Big!

April 29, 2013 Posted by Ali

Thank you to all of you who donated to Foster Kinship during the 2013 Big Give Campaign. With the loyal support of people like you, we were able to raise around $6,000 and come in third place in the NV Big Give with the number of unique donors, winning an additional $2,500 grant!
Third Place Big Give 2013
100% of your financial contribution will go directly to supporting kinship caregivers through our programs.

Foster Kinship provides regular support groups, family events, education, advocacy and needed items such as clothing, cribs, beds, food, diapers and car seats to individuals raising relative’s children in Clark County, NV.

As an additional thank you, each donor was entered to win one of several prizes. The winners of our giveaways will be contacted by May 1st and posted to our website here by May 5th. Good luck to everyone!

Keep in touch! Check out our work on our website or stay connected with us via Facebook or Twitter.

From all of us at Foster Kinship, thank you again for helping us help those who “keep home in the family” for some of Clark County’s most vulnerable children.

Alison Caliendo, Founder and Executive Director

Julie Wilson, Vice President, Board of Directors

Alicia Hart, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Terry Caliendo, Secretary, Board of Directors

Stacy Peterson, Board Member

Martha O’Donnell, Board Member

Tina Boag, Advisory Board Member

Foster Kinship Wins $500 Grant from GOOD for Kinship Caregiver Outreach

March 3, 2012 Posted by Ali

I (Ali) and the board of directors of Foster Kinship are very excited to announce that we have won $500 from GOOD to be used towards kinship caregiver outreach and support groups in Las Vegas. We will be receiving the grant money in the coming weeks and are so excited to get our project started.

For the full idea, click over here:

The Idea

Find the kinship caregivers in Vegas! Our goal is to locate as many individuals who are taking care of their relative’s children as possible, in order to let them know that there are new services and resources available to them that will help better care for the children and themselves.

The Specifics

We estimate there are 19K kinship caregivers around Las Vegas, and most of these individuals don’t know that there is peer support and resource direction available! Foster Kinship wants to build awareness and help these caregivers help the kids! $500 would go a LONG WAY to help keep home in the family, and the benefit would be more stability in the home for at-risk children! With the $500 Foster Kinship will:

1. Create printed materials to distribute all over Las Vegas.

2. Support a month of advertising and press releases.

3. Pay for the postage for direct mail outreach.

4. Fund the first few caregiver support groups of 2012- including water, snacks, printed resources and childcare for the kids.

Our goal is to ensure that kinship caregivers in Las Vegas know that there is support available, and to make sure this support is free for those who need and seek it!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us and helped us spread the word.


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