Foster Kinship.

Purchase a Nirvana Bed and Donate a Bed to a Child in Need

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Sleep good, feel good, do good!

Nirvana Bed has charitably partnered with Foster Kinship in creating a program that helps ensure all our children have a bed to sleep on at night!

For every purchase of a Nirvana Bed program, a child in need will get a brand new bed!

Yes, that’s right! For every purchase, Nirvana Bed will donate a new mattress to Foster Kinship and a child in need will be able to sleep on a brand new bed!

You’ll automatically initiate the donation when you purchase any Nirvana Bed.

As a double bonus, Nirvana Bed is also offering a $200 discount on your purchase!

That’s right!  Not only will you be donating a bed to a child in need, but you’ll also be saving money!

Along with every magnificent night of sleep on your Nirvana mattress, you’ll rest even better knowing there is a child feeling just as special!

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